Supreme Court

Supreme Court

Family court cases seldom reach the Supreme Court.

Castle Rock PD ignored multiple pleas for Restraining Order enforcement.  That resulted in Three Murdered Little Girls.

Consider this result from the U.S. Supreme Court in which the Court states The Police have No Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone – for a case involving restraining orders, and the murders of children.  It’s the last word, so far, on restraining orders.

The Gonzales triple-murder, later profiled  on CBS was unsettling for every parent alive as the Supreme Court chose to protect the police who refused to enforce a Family court-issued restraining order. In Castle Rock vs. Gonzales, our Supreme Court wrote the police weren’t legally required to enforce a Civil court order.

As the triple-murder of the Gonzales girls well illustrates….women and children will remain sitting ducks.  Courtesy of the Supreme Court.  Given women cannot depend on the courts or the police, GPS with Victim Notification will enable them to save their own lives.  It’s “predictive policing” at its finest.

Child Support.

A  child support case out of South Carolina could signal the return of Debtor’s Prison.  Once again, incarceration over a Civil court order.

Bottom line?  The Supreme Court doesn’t treat family court litigants in any way that could be described as civil.

Oral Argument

Initially, Castle Rock Police Department blew off the mother’s calls for help.  

This is not unusual. 

The net result was three dead daughters.

As reported by 60 Minutes, “one month after the restraining order was issued, on a night when he wasn’t supposed to see the girls, Simon loaded his daughters into his pickup truck and drove off. 

How did Gonzales find out that her daughters were missing? 

“They’d been gone over an hour. They had asked me around 4:30 if they could go out and play. And they checked in just about every hour. And so I knew when they didn’t check in with me by 5:30 something was wrong,” says Gonzales, who decided that Simon must have abducted the girls. 

“I had to assume it was him, but I didn’t. I was afraid. I couldn’t believe that he would do that. And so I told the police I believed that it was him, and they were gone.” 

She called the police just before 6 p.m. When officers came to her house, she says she immediately showed them the restraining order. Colorado law requires police to arrest anyone who violates a restraining order, but Gonzales says the officers did not seem very concerned. 

“Their first reaction was, ‘Well, he’s their father. It’s OK for them to be with him,'” says Gonzales. “And I said, ‘No, it’s not OK. There was no arranged visit for him to have them.'” 

Castle Rock Police Chief Tony Lane told 60 Minutes that domestic disputes are often tough to sort out. “What safer place can children be than with one of the parents, the mother or the father,” says Lane. “And we had no indication from past records that he was ever violent with these children, or even his wife, physically.”Police Officer wives who feared for their safety.

Kristin Longo didn’t live four hours past her First family court hearing.

Update: From the day of the murder to a year later, not a single call to Theresa Girouard, then President of the Family Law Section of the Oneida County Bar, has ever been returned.  We also telephoned the Utica based, Michael Getnick, then President of the New York State Bar Association.  Getnick was on his way to China and couldn’t talk about GPS with Victim Notification.   But we weren’t surprised to to hear from Getnick upon his return.  All thoughts changing the status quo disappeared.  We wrote to Getnick at the NY State Bar Association about Victim Notification GPS solution, and didn’t hear back.

Next we independently confirmed the Family Law Section decided to adhere to the status-quo of allowing family members to be killed, rather than implement technology designed to save lives and state resources.  As such in matters involving personal safety, we  recommend against hiring attorneys from this county.  They have clearly demonstrated total disdain for their clients.  Hiring an Oneida County attorney could cost a life.

But then, all branches of government simply fail to perform.  So essentially women are paying taxes for police and court services, which are then refused.

Crystal Brame buried.

A picture of the Supreme Court in the Fall – when living things die, offers a sad irony.

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