Texas.  This page constitutes a brief, perspective of the Family Court bench – while highlighting that at no time has the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct, the government body for judicial misconduct, demonstrated a willingness to act for the benefit of her people.    But as the case against the horny U.S. District court Judge Walter S. Smith demonstrates, it hasn’t happened.

So while our hope is the Texas Commission on Judicial Misconduct Conduct gets its act together,  it’s worth noting that not only does the Commission seem not to be so inclined….but in some cases, after a period of time, Familylawcourts.com discovered the Texas Commission of Judicial Conduct reduces their detailed findings to a one page whitewashed “summary” in which specific, detailed findings disappear.


January 9, 2016

Judge Elizabeth Coker gets to keep her retirement, but was forced to step down after being caught texting a prosecutor what to ask.  Why isn’t the now, former Judge, Elizabeth Coker repaying the State her salary

December 28,  2015
Rapists on Patrol – Hidalgo County
Border Patrol agent Esteban Manzanares kills self after police knock on his door.

December 24, 2015
Arlington attorney Jim Ross is gunning for Texas parents who are pretty well sick of of the divorce and child custody industry in Texas.   Why? Because Lori Deangelis and Laurie Robins on hopping mad y’all. 

We don’t know how serious this group is, but if they have documents to share, we’re open. 

Former judge and DA Christopher Dupuy is in the news again. (scroll down, we’ve covered him for years.) This time for posting fake sex ads against an ex-girlfriend on Craigslist.   

March, 2014:  Judge Williams Adams, the family court judge who was  recorded beating his disabled daughter with a belt, lost his bid for re-election.  What the Texas State Commission on Judges wouldn’t do to protect children; the people did.

February, 6, 2014
Affluenza judge Jean Boyd
No jail for 17 year old dweeby looking Ethan Couch, who killed four people while drunk driving.  Just rehab rich.

It’s the fault of Texas voters who relect these people, folks. So it’s all on ya’ll.

December 31, 2013
Because Texas judges are just so weird.
Take Judge Carlos Cortez.  Please.

Where else could a judge be arrested for choking out his girlfriend – only to claim, “I was trying to save her life.”

Carlos Cortez – given your past, please consider a new line of work.

November 21, 2013
Sometimes Texas good ole boys are girls.  Consider Houston Judge Renee Magee, a 

life-long Republican who sentenced private security guard Tyler John Duhon, Jr. to probation after he pulled a woman waiting to board a bus, out of line and into a small room, where he sexually attacked her.  Yes, Judge Renee Magee sentenced Duhon to probation.  She really did.  See here.

June 27, 2013,

Former JP Eric Williams and his wife, Kim, currently jailed in the revenge murders of two DA’s after Eric lost his healthcare benefits following his criminal court conviction, are divorcing.  Don’t you just love it?

May 23, 2013

Galveston, TX:

Judge Christopher Dupuy arrested on 8 counts of oppression against his ex-wife’s attorney.  Also, former fiance said Christopher Dupuyplanned to kill ex and flee to NZ with their two kids.  Officials seem more concerned with retaliation towards attorneys, than any *purported plans to kill ex.  (But then, that’s Texas.)

*  We decided to go with “purported” being really tired of “alleged.” 

Judge Dupuy soon to be “former” judge has he accepts a plea deal admitting to abuse of office and harassing the attorney of his ex-wife.  The bad news?  The DA agreed to let Dupuy run for office in a few years.

Harris County state District Judge Ryan Patrick agreed to the deal, as well as agreeing that all Dupuy’s record will disappear if Dupuy agrees to the terms of probation.  (You knew there wouldn’t be any jail time, right?)

November, 2, 2012: 

Ah Texas. Why Texas women participate in bias and discrimination against women, continues to escape us.  Consider the example known as:  Goranson Bain, a so-called “Family law” firm with offices in Dallas and Plano.  Goranson Bain is rated by their peers as “Super Lawyers.”  Given this lawsuit, we simply can’t imagine why anyone would hire them, when matters involve child custody.

Who could ever forget Dallas family court judge Craig Fowler, who played computer solitaire during child custody trials?  Or that Fowler was thrown off the bench for campaign contributions.  Not for playing games, and playing games with people’s lives during a time he was supposed to be working.  Why?  

Fowler is currently working as…
you guessed it:  a family law attorney. 

Meanwhile, on Noevember 30, 2011, Texas Judge Susan Wooten was convicted of six counts of bribery, and one count each for money laundering, tampering with a government record and engaging in organized criminal activity. Although Wooten faced nearly  20 years in prison, Wooten got probationary wrist slap and was sent along her merry way.  

The Dallas Morning News reported in part, “During the trial, prosecutors presented evidence that Stacy Stine Cary paid $150,000 to Wooten’s campaign manager in six payments between January and March 2008. They alleged that Cary was trying to influence a custody case involving her husband, David Cary, who had been ordered to pay more than $466,000 in separate rulings. His efforts to overturn those rulings had failed.

Wooten’s campaign manager, James Stephen Spencer, testified that Stacy Cary had hired him for private consulting work. Prosecutors presented evidence that Spencer did little work to earn that huge sum.”

But checking back, consider that Wooten was a “Newcomer” just two years ago, when she replaced the King of Ex Parte Communications, Judge Sandoval.  Whooeee.  Texas justice reeks, ya’ll.

Judge Tracy Gilbert.  

We’d like to thank Judge Tracy Gilbert for continuing to demonstrate truth truly is much stranger than fiction.  

Although a father, Gilbert won a case in which he will not have to pay nearly $200,000 in back child support according to a story by Nancy Flake of The Courier.  A DNA test determined Judge Gilbert  is the father of the 18-year-old male, who was the subject in the child support case filed by the mother of the boy.

According to attorneys involved in the case, Gilbert had knowledge and no contact with the boy since at least the mid-1990s. Judge Gilbert then chose to not pay child support as the boy grew up.

Clearly Judge Terry Gilbert has the Texas, good ole boy, stamp of approval.  Judge Gilbert and the boy now claim a “relationship.” 
Here’s how Texas custody battles roll.  Note to self, get the kind of GPS whose straps can’t be cut.  Contact us for details.
Best for last!

November 6, 2012:  He’s baaaaack.  Yep.  After a year’s paid vacation, Judge William Adams is back on the bench in family court.  That’s Texas ya’ll.

Family Court judge William Adams who, and typically, continues to blame his daughter Hillary for posting to Youtube, the video of him beating her. 

Judge Adams didn’t just beat Hillary.  He paused to get a bigger belt.  When Adams returned, the beating resumed as Judge Adams screamed degrading comments sprinkled with F bombs throughout. 

Nor can we forget Hillary’s whack job mother who is also featured in the beating video.  Mom demanded Hillary, then sixteen, to stop trying to protect herself and

“Roll over on your stomach and take it like a woman!”

All of which begs the question: 

Where’s CPS when you need them?

As is typical of  cowardly types, Judge Adams blamed Hillary.  In a statement that would be funny if it wasn’t so typical of those responsble for criminal acts on their children, Judge Adams essentially offered the “Are you going to believe your lying eyes or what I’m telling you” defense.  

Yes, Judge Adams is on record stating:  “The video isn’t as bad as it looks.” 

You decide.

(We note the person best able to determine the level of substantial pain is not the person administering it.)

But you be the judge.  As the State of Texas has long ignored its whack job (literally) judges:  thus concludes our ten year perspective. 

But one can only wonder if given their Mission Statement,  if the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct is as unfit for office as the judges it is charged to oversee.

Again, as the State of Texas has long ignored its whack job (literally) judges:  thus concludes our ten year perspective. 

Again.  One can only wonder if given their Mission Statement,  if the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct is as unfit for office as the judges it is charged to oversee.  Judge Adams was suspended.  With pay.  Yes, the State of Texas so far, is rewarding the behavior.  Way to go, Texas.

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