Therapists      –  Therapy is a business….and one without much in the way of oversight.  The public should be aware the National Association of Marriage and Family Therapists hire lobbyists to introduce legislation to ensure therapists by law, will be part of the court system.  The public should also know the governing body for therapists – is next to useless.  See examples below, in addition to Custody Evaluators and Psychiatrists.  Especially the psychiatrists.  But the public should also be aware of  judicial psychological relationships so cozy, as was demonstrated in the case of Judge Lisa Bell and psychologist H.D. Kirkpatrick, who was facing possible disciplinary charges, Judge Bell testified on his behalf. Read more here:, Judge Bell testified on behalf of Kirkpatrick. B

Consider court-appointed New York therapist Marilyn Schiller. who branded a father “unfit” because he didn’t cave to his kid’s meltdown to go to McDonald’s.  Seriously.  Click here.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Because when push comes to shove, the relationship is about the players; not the litigants or their children.


Women attempting to report crimes, are treated instead to a diagnosis.  Just like female crime victims in the military.  The result is the same.  A label.  A label used to end custody.

San Diego:  
Once again, we’ve received reports regarding Patti Chavez-Fallon is anxious to protect men whose behavior is questionable at best, criminal at worst.


Dr. Michael Ward
Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office
Court-appointed expert.
Arrested for child molestation.

Breffni Barrett
San Diego
Does no one check records?  Signs of Breffni Barrett’s “expertise” might be his long association with San Diego PD.  A department long afflicted with officers who attack women.  Barrett is a father’s rights guy and his reports often slant in the extreme that way.  But separately, for a guy who claims vast amounts of  expertise at spotting negative traits, the records for the number of times Breffni Barrett has been sued, by the State and the City of San Diego, and worse, the number of times Breffni Barrett has sued people, usually his tenants. Breffni Barrett strikes us as toxic.  Employ at your own peril. 

San Diego

Dr. Steven Mantrell could lose his license for his treatment of women.  Related:  at one time he was the top shrink for San Diego Police Department.

San Diego

Therapist Keith Kanner sexts Mom of patient, then blames her when caught
(Complaint filed by CA Attorney General’s office against Kanner’s license which has since, expired.)


Therapist arrested.  

Karen Corcoran Walsh, of Boca Raton, who runs Inspirations for Youth and Families was charged with child cruelty. 03/02/13: 

Hera McLeod of Gaithersburg, Md., filed the $20 million suit in Fairfax County, Va., against AShburn Psychological Service and specifically, psychologist Margaret Wong, for professional negligence.  Wong recommended Unsupervised visits.  The suit alleges professional negligence in the death of Hera McLeod’s son, at the hands of his father, on their fourth, unsupervised visit.  McLeod said Wong’s report was instrumental in a judge’s decision to grant unsupervised visitation of her son, Prince, to his father, Joaquin Rams.02/22/13:  Dallas marriage therapist Sheila Loven convicted on multiple charges.

Essentially, Loven took a shine to the husband, and honeyed up to him while separately, advising wife to dump him.  Then sent wife deplorable texts.
A Texas jury convicted Loven last week.

Family Therapist Colin McGrattan snaps and just like attorney/therapist Tom Fuchs, kills his entire family.

Capitola therapist John Vischer arrested for child sex abuse.  The eight year old child was his client.

California Board of Psychology found Randy Rand dishonest….but still refuses to protect the public.  Meanwhile the targeted parent had to hire another lawyer to protect her rights while Rand went after her in civil court.  Which means Randy Rand soars to the top of the “Do Not Hire” list.

What say judges end the practice of routinely referring cases for “evaluations” as increasingly, these therapists are decidedly out-to-lunch.

San Francisco:
Therapist Bill Perry removed from list of Family Court evaluators after it was discovered in his personal blog he confesses to using date rape drugs on himself.  And a…mouse.  He’s not alone.  Sometimes therapists kill.  Or stalk.  See report below

University of Idaho psychology professor Ernesto Bustamante, shot and killed former lover and graduated student Katy Benoit, and then himself. 

The Seattle Times revealed the arrest of the highly respected, David Scratchley, for attempted child-rape.  Which is apparently not his first.  The paper reported, Scratchely “has taught at Seattle University, worked at Seattle Children’s hospital and has been lauded for his work in the treatment community, including recognition by the state Supreme Court, according to a Washington Association of Designated Mental Health Professionals newsletter from 2006.”  

More props to the Seattle Times for exposing the profit-driven mental health croynism of King County’s Family Court.  Courtesy of one Stuart A. Greenberg.  The excerpt below describes the lengths Greenberg went, with the courtesy of the State and various Psychology Boards, in hiding his record.  His cunning was apparently without limits.  

However, save just one judge, the pickings were easy with the Washington judiciary with the Seattle judges.  Greenberg handled the problem by going to another country and was shortly back in the swim.

Although this, too-long-in-the-making, expose could be reported in any city, we do thank reporters Ken Armstrong and Maureen O’Hagan for exposing King County’s toxic Family Court dynamic.  

Lives shredded for cash.  (No waiting.)

The problem with therapists is not just a scary lack of oversight, although there’s that, 

it’s that neither the State or those in “oversight” positions with so-called mental health boards, don’t notice problems when the problem is the so-called, “highly respected” head of one’s own organization.  Couple that with the too-cozy-for-words, relationship with local judges and commissioners on the court and families as well as justice, is doomed.

Quoting the piece, was how Dr. Greenberg went on the attack.

“A missing sentence. That’s what made all the difference — that, and the state’s lack of mettle.

During the disciplinary proceedings, Greenberg had signed a five-page stipulation admitting that he had misquoted witnesses, misinterpreted test results, reached damning conclusions on flimsy foundations. But the document was also supposed to say: “That by entering into this agreement, Dr. Greenberg does not admit to any violation of statute or administrative rules governing the practice of psychology.”

“That is boilerplate,” says Terry West, who was the Examining Board of Psychology’s program manager at the time. “That’s standard language in any stipulation.”

A lawyer for the state dropped the sentence while merging some documents. Boilerplate or not, that missing language represented an opening — and Greenberg seized it. He let the state know he was thinking of suing. The examining board caved.

Nick Wiltz, the board’s chairman when Greenberg was suspended, says: “The thing dragged on and on and on. Then, suddenly, because of this error by this inept assistant attorney general, the case blew up completely.”

In spring 1993, the board’s departing chairman, David Gossett, wrote an open apology to Greenberg, published in the board’s newsletter. Greenberg had been “exonerated” of “all allegations,” Gossett wrote. The apology asked “all persons” who had kept an earlier board publication describing Greenberg’s suspension to return their copies or destroy them.

For Greenberg, this wasn’t enough. The agency’s paper trail was still publicly available, meaning he might still be confronted on the witness stand with his past admissions.

So Greenberg went to court, asking for the state to be barred from releasing any records about his past suspension. In a remarkable twist, the Examining Board of Psychology joined in this request. Here was a public body — represented by another public body, the state Attorney General’s Office — asking the courts to forbid the state from complying with its public-records requirements.”

In King County, Judge R. Joseph Wesley refused to go along. So Greenberg went south, to Thurston County. In 1995, Judge Daniel Berschauer agreed to place the state’s records off-limits to the public; also sealed was the entire court file describing Greenberg’s secrecy request.

Within a year of getting his disciplinary history sealed, Greenberg was giving seminars to other psychologists on the ethics of parenting evaluations.

Greenberg also fended off another kind of challenge. Cathy Graden, the mother who temporarily lost her son, sued Greenberg, accusing him of falsifying evidence against her. But Greenberg cited a decades-old principle — that, as a court-appointed expert, he was entitled to the same “absolute immunity” accorded judges — and Graden dropped her suit, figuring it was doomed.

Greenberg used the same argument to squelch other lawsuits. He became such an expert on this shield that the American Psychological Association would ask him to deliver an address on: “The Liability and Immunity of the Expert Witness.”And he got lots more work.

No actual oversight.  Did anyone on any board resign?  No.

Next up, California.   Most recently with Dr. Joseph Kenan, President of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry.  Dr. Kenan was removed from one case and thrown off another after posting lewd photos of himself on Facebook in addition to other charges involving allegations involving male prostitutes. Meet Dr. William Ayres, long-time, highly respected President of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Ayres “saw hundreds of adolescent patients referred by San Mateo County’s juvenile justice system, its court-appointed attorney program, pediatricians and social workers. County officials praised him in 2002 for his “tireless effort to improve the lives of children.” 

Also, arrested after an apparently long career as a pedophile.  As in straight out of Harvard.

The problem now?   

Former Santa Clara DA Jim Fox.

DA Jim Fox

In 2009, this foot dragging DA said in 2009 he would retry the case.  Soon.  He left office without doing so.  

So the problem is it’s now 2011 and new DA Jeff Rosen 

has not brought Ayers to trial.

Our tax dollars at work.
Texas and California

Contra Costa County

Contra Costa County Mental Health employee and Marriage Counselor Thomas Perez Jewell, has agreed not to practice therapy while trial is pending.  Also there’s a small mater of his 5.8 million dollar bail.

          Thomas Pereze Jewell

Jewell is charged with molesting boys at Juvenile Hall, and in possession of thousands of images of child porn.
Update:    On February 29, 2012 Jewell was setenced to 29 years in federal prison for molesting two teenage boys and making pornographic images of the sexual abuse.

Jewell pleaded guilty in November in U.S. District Court in Oakland to one count of producing child porn. U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton sentenced him.  According to the SF Chronicle prosecutors said Jewell had been an intern at Contra Costa County Juvenile Hall in Martinez and also had a private counseling practice for youths.

They said police discovered that he had been molesting youths when they served a search warrant at his apartment in November 2010. It’s unclear whether he met the teenagers at juvenile hall.

Jewell lured one of his victims “with the promise of professional counseling” and the other with the opportunity to earn money, Assistant U.S. Attorney Joshua Hill wrote in a sentencing memorandum.

Orange County

Needless murders sparked by two judges fighting over jurisdiction in a custody battle.  Retired therapist Bonnie Hoult settles it by wigging out and shooting her two grand-daughters in their mouth.  Hoult then kills her attorney daughter, and finally, herself. 

Will County 

County mental health counselor John Martyus arrested in sex sting operation.

New York
County of Saratoga

There was a reason the County hired  Steven Feldman for their child custody cases.  Feldman offered the cheapest rates.  That’s what County officials said after his arrest, when it was discovered Feldman wasn’t licensed.  However, spoke with licensed therapists who claimed they advised County officials Feldman was practicing without a license.  One offered that the licensed therapists were told not to make waves.

Meanwhile, NYC Dr. James Bonczek appeals his conviction for possession of child porn.Content copyright 2019. Family Law Courts. All rights reserved.