Court Reporter Transcripts.   Sometimes the beginning of the end is a court reporter’s transcript.  States switching to video transcripts save taxpayers double-digit millions.

Charla Mack

Darren Mack’s 36 year sentence was affirmed at the Nevada Supreme Court.

Mack, who remains a millionaire,  continues trying to fund judicial campaigns.The Appellate Process

What you don’t know can cost you in more ways than dollars

The relationship between the court reporter and the judge is sometimes troubling. . .and sometimes involves an arrest.  But consider the San Diego Court  reporter who risked getting a double-murder conviction conviction reversed, after she repeatedly failed to produce transcripts.  Including when the judge threatened action against her.

Or the court services firm that simply didn’t pay its bills.   Or worse, when judges are accused of improper actions.

Meanwhile, we strongly urge the courts to use video-tape during all family court hearings for the reasons demonstrated below, and because during these economic times, it’s what is best for the state.  (Meanwhile, a good court reporter will always have work in the private sector).

We first noticed that Charla Mack’s emotional plea to the judge in her divorce was specifically not to be required to reveal her address.  We noted the quiver in her voice as Charla’s desperately tried to describe her fear of her husband, Darren Mack, (who later stabbed her to death) as she repeatedly explained to Judge Chuck Weller that Darren freaks out and gets “whippy.”

We also noticed during Charla’s pleas for help, that her attorney appeared to be examining his nails.  Charla’s attorney then sat back in his chair and was the picture of complete disengagement.  As it was a mid-afternoon, perhaps he was thinking of what he had to do to get out of there.  When Charla’s attorney finally spoke however, it was not to advocate on behalf of his client.  

No.  The very first thing Charla Mack’s attorney offered was the exact physical address Charla had been desperately trying to protect.  

Darren was convicted of Charla Mack’s murder.  

After killing Charla, Darren Mack drove to a parking lot across the street and shot Judge Chuck Weller through his office window.  (But not before updating his profile to include he was wealthy, but looking for a respectful woman.)  After shooting Judge Weller, Mack fled to a resort in Cabo, Mexico. Darren Mack later complained the DA, (who was a friend)  wasn’t giving him too many favors.

Judge Weller, who had the lowest approval rating in Reno before and after the shooting was re-elected.  

We urge the courts to implement video-taped hearing as they are  both economical, and extremely revealing.  Good attorneys will welcome them.  Slacker attorneys, not so much.  

We suspect attorneys who have no problem spending a bundle on advertising, will not support a video recording featuring a poor work product; although transparency is the best advertisement for the courts, attorneys, and litigants, alike. 

We’ve seen the future of court reporting.

It’s video.  Not only is video 100% accurate; video transcription saves the state millions.  Video transcription also means true, due process.  Video transcripts also means litigants are no longer held hostage to the schedule or whimsy of a single court reporter

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